Workshop I and II

All ELL Students WILL RECEIVE A PERIOD OF cONTENT AREA sUPPORT FOR mATH AND sCIENCE. dURING THIS TIME THEY will be pre-taught or re-taught content area concepts. For this, I will work closely with science and math content area teachers to ensure that workshop lessons are aligned to the curricula they are being exposed to or will be exposed to in main stream classrooms.

Will ELL's be prepared to work with academic concepts given to them in math and science classes?

Absolutely, by being provided the target academic words and units ahead of time by the content areas teachers, I am able to differentiate instruction by modifying lessons and clarify meaning as needed by the students. In addition, students are not only learning the meaning of such vocabulary for easier transition in classrooms, they will also put their understanding of these mathematical or scientific concepts into practice.

Students will be given ample time to work on differentiated activities pertaining to lessons and also solve the old age mystery asked by many children time again, "Why do I need to know this in my life". To help answer this, after every lesson students are required to collaborate with a partner. During this time, they will strategically apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to create real life situations, where these concepts will take place.